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"Through branding, marketing,
social media marketing and
advertising, we merge strategy
and creative to help clients
grow their brands, increase
client base and expand their
business. We are good ideas.
—  David Holtzman, President

Your brand is your most important asset.
Whether you're building a new brand or
re-invigorating an existing brand, we can help.

The Holtzman Group helps businesses of all sizes by designing compelling, creative and original brand identities. We don't just deliver brands though, we nurture them.

   Holtzman Versatility with Illustration, Art & Design
 The Holtzman Group incorporates illustration from artists in our studio with in-house facilities,
    with versatile visuals.     

    We offer a wide range of styles produced by a mix of innovative new and long-established artists, including
    David Holtzman, President, who has a long history of illustration projects, from editorial, publications,
    advertising to themed murals and fine art, and all with the latest in Mac technology to back them up.

    Whether you are looking for the humorous, slick or high-end (or something in-between), we aim to supply
    the right artists for the job at the right prices, even on tight timings. As we have a stable of artist, both new
    and upcoming, to well established senior well-know illustrators, from locally and the Tri-State area.

    Most of our artists, being a talented bunch, as mentioned are also capable of producing finished illustration
    when required. And if you too happen to be a talented artist, flicking through this website, we are always keen
    to look at new work, so feel free to get in touch.

    Holtzman's Illustration Art History
    The Holtzman Group and their artists over the years, have produced illustrative art or graphic design for
    a number of different types of advertising or promotional vehicles. All for a vast amount of industries.
    Such as gaming, food and beverage, publications, special events, editorial, invitations, murals, clothing,
    signage, entertainment/theatre show posters and much more.

    If you are interested in some illustration work, as part a project, or simply stand alone art for your use,
    please call David Holtzman at 609.822.8482 or send David an inquiry form.