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Clarity & Meaning
In today's media and message-filled world,
our goal in each assignment is to establish
identities with clear appeal that cut through
the noise.
While standardized processes have some
value, they can result in homogenized identities.
Our approach involves the use of proprietary tools
and methods in a way that is customized
to create differentiated and compelling
positionings, brand names, and corporate
identity systems to get the message
out to the correct demographics.
Why Holtzman . . .
  • We are specialists in corporate identity, branding, advertising, marketing, media relations and social network media strategies.
  • We have a proven track record
  • We have well-seasoned professionals
  • We have the best creative talent for all industries
  • We offer efficiency and value
As a small, senior team focused on identity and branding strategy, we concentrate on establishing the unique essence of companies, products and services. By working with Holtzman Strategy, clients find they are able to better articulate the power of their company's mission.

We are committed to the idea that a clear, compelling identity can enable breakthroughs in management, performance and audience perception.