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The Holtzman Group
understands the nuances
of the global wine industry,

David Holtzman has been utilizing his knowledge and extensive experience of the industry for over 25 years. He leads the talented creative team at the Holtzman Group. This small, brilliant enigmatic graphic design studio has, for over 25 years, been focused on branding initiatives for the wine industry. The firm has creative knowledge in wine branding and wine label designs both domestically and around the world. John has extensive experience acting for large and small businesses within the wine industry.

Heart & Soul . . .
It's All Abrout Branding.

You've put heart and soul into getting just right balance in your wine. Now you want to see your wine being served along side delicious food at top restaurants here and overseas. But how do you get these niche positions? It's all about branding! Holtzman can help you build a distinct and professional image that gets you talked about. Winemaking is a busy hands-on industry. Let Holtzman help you build your brand and you can concentrate on what you do best.
More on Branding and Identity
hy Choose the Holtzman Group to Design Your Wine Labels?

• Holtzman has over 25 years of extensive wine industry graphic design and marketing knowledge
      and experience.
    • Holtzman prices are very reasonable
    • Holtzman can advise on colors, design and what will work for your product and business
    • Holtzman can make sure you get it right the first time
    • Holtzman has experience with all support collateral marketing materials to promote your wine successfully,
    • Holtzman has an impressive track record since the early 1980s
    • Holtzman can help you set up your product or business identity and marketing from from the start,
      or rethink and rebrand exsiting products or businesses
    • Holtzman is well aware of all styles, images, branding of your competitors . . . worldwide.
    Make Your Wine's First Impression Count.
The label on a wine bottle is just as important as the wine itself. The wine bottle label should capture
    attention, invoke curiosity and introduce the brand. We offer wine bottle labels in variety of materials,
    including weatherproof, ideal for refrigeration or ice buckets. Customizing your wine has never been easier.

   Your Wine Label + Brand Reflection.
Creating a wine label to reflect the unique personality and brand of your wine is the first step when it comes
    to getting noticed. And with 2000 wine companies in Australia and fierce overseas competition, you need
    a competitive edge! With margins being squeezed and vigorous competition from overseas, how do you secure
    your corner of the market? At Holtzman Group, we have the perfect marketing solutions for growing your

    Continuity in Your Wine's P.O.P. Support Collateral Materials.
     At Holtzman Group, we have all the experience needed from over the years, for producing all advertising
     and marketing Point of Purchase support collateral materials, such as case cards, shelf talkers, case shippers,
     fact sheets to just mention a few . . . all part of your product marketing package.
     Dont forget about how to market your new products via social network stategies too.